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Kaleido warm up | lokal DJ’s under the bridge | FREE
25. maj // 18:00 - 23:00

Kaleido warm-up

We’re hosting a ☆FREE☆ Kaleido warm-up event where we invite some of our favorite DJ crews from Aarhus to present a kaleidoscopic batch of electronic music.

The event is free and you can get a Kaleido ticket for the ☆SWEET☆ price of 400,-

We’re open from 18:00 – 04:00 starting outside under the bridge and then moving the party inside as the night gets colder.

💚 Come and get your Kaleido vibe on under the bridge with some of our very favorite DJ crews based in 8000.

☆ Aarhus Techno District ☆

Aarhus Techno District is an event line established in Aarhus aiming to provide the city with electronic music talent from all over the world. The crew is often arranging techno nights in Volume Village, where they invite different crews and artists.


☆ VVE Collective ☆

VVE Collective is an all feminine DJ collective in Aarhus who aims to create a safe and inclusive space where they can gather, connect, and celebrate their love for music with the crowd. VVE provides workshops, collaborative projects and events for DJ’s so they can learn, grow and showcase their unique sound.

☆ LYC ☆

LYC stands for Love Your Connection, an association that originated back in 2022 with a group of friends at the Grim Festival grounds and is now based in X. The association comprises a variety of DJs at different skill levels and street artists. They are a creative bunch with numerous volunteers who help host events, collaborating with both the skateboarding community and X.

💚 What is Kaleido?

Kaleido is a new electronic music festival. We’re here to present the vibrant electronic music scene and community.

2024 will be our first edition and it will take place at Volume Village in the Godsbanen area in central Aarhus from 21–22 June 2024.

Kaleido is created by Aarhus Volume and NusNus. Aarhus Volume has initiated street parties and festivals and the venue Volume Village in Aarhus. NusNus is the force behind the festivals Distortion and Karrusel and the electronic music venue Hangaren in Copenhagen.


25. maj
18:00 - 23:00


Volume Village
Thomas Koppels Gade 201
Aarhus C, 8000 Denmark
+ Google Maps
+45 4160 6076


Volume Village
22 90 49 14
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