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Sound Sessions 4.0
28. februar // 18:30

Are you ready to take your passion for sound engineering to the next level?

We’re thrilled to unveil #SoundSessions, a groundbreaking initiative after our #YouCanAlsoBeA Sound Engineer workshops!

Aarhus Lydforening in collaboration with Turkis, Radar, Lydbyen/Lydhavnen, Institut for X, Volume Village, Train, Kleva Studio, ROSA and Tuborgfondet is organising a project Sound Sessions that aims to create a bridge between workshops and the live concerts. as many interested engineers faced challenges making this transition.

#SoundSessions is the answer to smoother, more confident strides into the professional sound engineering world.


★Your safe haven to practice, ask questions, and gear up for real-world scenarios★
★Explore, connect, and learn in a relaxed setting★
★Sharpen your skills with hands-on, practical challenges★
★ And the most important: Together we’re creating a vibrant community of sound engineers★

Topic: TBA
Date: February 28th
Venue: Volume Village

Signup for the event here:

Supported by Tuborgfondet
Organised and curated by Sophia Sagaradze, Aarhus Lydforening


28. februar


Aarhus Lydforening
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